“One of the reasons we decided to go with an outside vendor for our project was because of fear: fear of losing data, fear of upgrading essential servers and services. With the knowledge and support of the SAMSA staff, I was confident that not only was the work being done correctly, I knew that I didn’t have to worry. While I knew I wasn’t the only project our consultant was working on, I always felt that we were a top priority and the communication was excellent throughout the entire project.”

-Garrett Schmidt, Information Technologist


SAMSA was selected to help with several issues we had. What started as an idea, grew into a robust upgrade of our entire infrastructure. Prior to working with SAMSA we had aging servers and outdated software. We wanted to become more proactive and needed something that was flexible, easy to use, and able to grow with us over the years. In the end, SAMSA helped us consolidate and upgrade our servers and set up a backup solution that really fit our needs as an organization. – Garrett Schmidt, Saginaw Library

The Challenge



Evaluated all computers. Researched the software that was installed on the computers, which were being replaced, to make sure it was compatible with the new computers being ordered. Purchased new computers to replace those with Windows XP or ones that were close to “end of life”. Upgraded other computers with more memory. Made sure each computer was registered with a user and listed on the domain. Created a secure computer environment by establishing passwords and permissions.


I’m extremely pleased with the quality of SAMSA’s work. Not only did we get everything we asked for, but creative solutions and additional capabilities were suggested and implemented. For me, as an administrator, the work that SAMSA did allows me to spend more time being proactive and less time fixing broken things. Pretty much everything I do on a daily basis is easier and we now have an amazing disaster recovery solution as well.

Garrett Schmidt

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