When Superb Technical Support Transforms A Bad Day To Good

Our CIO said SAMSA has really proven themselves. We need to continue to look for ways to use their services.
– Bonnie L. Toyzan, Nexteer Automotive

Ever have one of those days in which the world seems against you?  Ever have one of those days where the software on your computer decides to have a mind if its own?  Ever have one of those days where you contact technical support knowing how much of a pain it will be to get through?  Ever wonder what our support team is like when you need to reach us?  Let’s see how superb support can transform a bad day to good.

It’s one of those days again, the kind you would rather have stayed in bed for.  You woke up red eyed, only thing keeping you going is the wonderful memory of coffee in the morning.  You make it to work late after rushing all morning.  Things start to brighten up some as the morning continues until, yes, until the software you’re using acts up and won’t behave.  Your blood starts to boil as the minutes tick by and things haven’t improved.   You contact their technical support only to get a menu with a thousand different options.  Praying you reach the right department, you end up going down the wrong menu and reach voicemail.  Deciding you’re not going to give up so easily, you send a not so friendly email, knowing very well it could be days before a response is received, if ever.  You sit and wonder why your company ever decided to buy the software.  How did they ever consider this a good idea, what was management thinking?  You leave work feeling unaccomplished for the day, praying tomorrow is better, but knowing it could be repeat of today.

So, if that’s a bad day, what does a good day look like?

technical support

It’s one of those days again, the kind where the warm covers of the bed beckon you to stay.  You woke up ½ sleep, only thing keeping you going is the smell of coffee in the morning.  You make it to work, but late due to traffic.  Your mood starts to improve as the sun light fills the office until, yes, until the software you’re using decides to be the school yard bully.  Your stress level starts to rise, but then you remember it will be ok.  Things are ok, because you’ve contacted technical support multiple times over the past few weeks.  You have peace of mind that someone will answer the phone the first time you call, and that you won’t have to wait for someone to pick up.  You remember you just have to call their number and press 2 to reach them.  But today you don’t feel very talkative, it’s been a hard day, so instead you decide to send an email.  You know that the email will be read and responded to very quickly.  You know the support personal by name and that they have your back and won’t let a school yard bully ruin your day.   You receive a phone call with a voice on the other end saying “I’ve received your email and can resolve this for you quickly.  Are you available for a few minutes so I can help you?”.  Your day continues to brighten and you leave work feeling very accomplished, knowing tomorrow will be the same.  On your way out you see a distraught manager, so to brighten up their day you thank them for choosing the right software.

Who knew technical support could make such a difference?

Our customers knew and that is why we’ve gotten many verbal and written complements that our support is excellent, is the best they have used, and is the primary reason they stay with SAMSA.  Are you willing to try our support out for yourself? Put us to the test, we will not disappoint!