“As our business environment has become more complex, SAMSA has been a proactive business partner ensuring that we have the right tools and the right support as we move into the future. They have never disappointed us neither in timeliness or staff quality.” – Jim Feeny


Feeny has many different departments (Service, Sales – New and Used, Billing, etc.). Each department requires not only the software that the whole company uses, but also specific software related to their individual service. As computer equipment continues to change, the software must also change.

The Challenge

Update all computers whether by replacing or upgrading components of the computer. However, replacing the computers came with the additional problem of certain software becoming incompatible.

Also, some of the computers were not setup on the domain due to certain software restrictions. Needed to make sure all computers are registered on the domain to create structure within the network.


Evaluated all computers. Researched the software that was installed on the computers, which were being replaced, to make sure it was compatible with the new computers being ordered. Purchased new computers to replace those with Windows XP or ones that were close to “end of life”. Upgraded other computers with more memory. Made sure each computer was registered with a user and listed on the domain. Created a secure computer environment by establishing passwords and permissions.


All computers are running more efficiently, allowing staff to work more proficiently. Staff members are now able to provide faster/more up to date information to their customers.

All computers are now joined to the domain, therefore allowing staff to access certain information yet providing management and security for the company.

About Feeny Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Midland

The Feeny dealership is a customer service focused organization that seeks to utilize the latest technology to further our goal of “Customer first.”

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