Eliminate the need for costly hardware by virtualizing your network- we can help.

With high-speed Internet access readily available, no longer are businesses required to host their own servers to maintain networked applications. Thanks to virtual private servers, SAMSA can host your servers on our hardware, no capital investment required!

SAMSA maintains an in-house hosting capability in Saginaw, Michigan. The equipment is maintained by our in-house technical staff and features redundancies at several levels such as power, internet connectivity, and equipment to ensure continuously smooth operation for our clients.

Application Hosting

Eliminate the need for dedicated servers by letting SAMSA host all the applications your business needs. And with your applications hosted on our secure servers, you and your staff can access them from anywhere with an internet connection.


Hosting server racks

Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers

Cut out expensive hardware costs with your own virtual private server. With both VMWare and Microsoft hypervisor solutions for hosting private servers, our team is ready to build a custom solution to fit your needs.


Email & SPAM Filtering

SAMSA delivers Microsoft Exchange-level email server hosting for a fraction of the cost of Exchange. With powerful features like antivirus protection and advanced webmail interface, you won’t be disappointed. And with SAMSA’s advanced spam filtering solutions, we’ll keep your inbox free of clutter, so you can focus on more important things.