With proactive server maintenance, let us stop problems before they even arise.

Proactive Server MaintenanceServers are no small investment for any business or organization. And like any other major investment, it’s important to take steps to protect your server. Preventative maintenance goes a long way in accomplishing this by regularly inspecting your network to identify potential issues before they become expensive problems. With SAMSA’s Proactive Server Maintenance, we take the extra step to make sure your server is at its best. By regularly monitoring and inspecting your server and network, we can help reduce downtime by stopping small problems from expanding into big ones and sometimes prevent other issues entirely!

Whether your network is large or small, the benefits of preventative maintenance are extensive.

With proactive maintenance, we’re able to ensure your network has the latest security updates and patches, preventing vulnerabilities and stability issues from becoming a problem before they start. By monitoring hardware performance, we make sure your server functions the way it should and anticipate issues before they become major problems. And with verifying the integrity of your backups, we make sure that even if the worst should come to pass, your data will be safe and readily recovered.


SAMSA Proactive Maintenance Plans

Microsoft Updates (Server & Workstations)
Best Practices Analysis
Firmware Updates
Disk & Memory Utilization
System Event Log Monitoring
Data Backup Verification
Advanced Server Monitoring Software
Cost $150/MO $150/Q $200/Q


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